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By | September 6, 2019

You can also apply to activate SBI Net Banking via online account by going to online official website Here, you will need to download the banking online banking account application form and then submit it to the nearest SBI branch. You can also collect the application form from the branch.

Start To Online SBI Net Banking at

State Bank of India has provided Internet banking facility to its account holders. Each account holder can log into their account and deal with their account online. SBI customers can access and use banking online banking at any time.

Online banking has many features such that users can access their account anywhere and at any time. The flexibility of internet banking to the customer all you need is a internet connection and a system to access your account from anywhere.

They can use online offline banking to make banking offline balances, mini statements, paying bills, paying insurance premiums, shopping online.

SBI Net banking makes everything easier. Just one click and you’re done. No need to find or visit a bank branch anymore. No need to stand in the queue and wait for your turn. So, just turn on your computer and connect to the Internet.

How to start an online SBI Net Banking

  • Download Internet Banking Form

Go to SBI’s website and download the Internet Banking form from your website.

sbi Internet Banking registration form
  • Fill out the registration form

Fill out all your details in the form. You must fill in your name, mobile number, email id and date of birth. And after filling in the details, you need to fill in your account number and mark the date and mark it as final.

fill sbi registration form
  • Visit the SBI branch

Now you need to visit your SBI branch with internet banking registration form. Just go the branch where you keep the account.

sbi branch
  • Get the Internet Banking Kit

Assign your registration form to the banking staff and it will guide you through the process and the internet banking kit. The Internet Banking Kit has a username and password.

sbi internet banking kit

SBI Net Banking Activity ONLINE

Since you have your SBI banking kit, it means that you have your username and password for internet banking. You can change the username and password as soon as you enter your username and password in the Internet Banking Kit. It is recommended that you either change your username and password after the first use or destroy the credentials so your account is always secure.

Steps to Launch SBI Net Banking

Let’s start with the SBI Internet banking activation process:

  • Go to and click on Login on the Personal Banking tab. You will be sent to the net screen.
  • On the next screen you will give some instructions that can make your account secure. Read the instructions and click to continue logging in.
sbi net banking interactions
  • You will see another page where you can count your username and password available in the Net Banking Kit.
  • Enter the user name and password as Internet Banking and press Login as a button.
sbi user name and password
  • When you first login to login, it will ask you to create a new password and username so you will be able to make your account more secure.
  • Choose your password and username and reset it.
  • When you enter your new password and username, you’ll be asked to enter a profile password.
  • A profile password will provide you with two levels of security in your Internet banking account.
sbi profile password
  • After selecting the login username and password, you will be prompted to enter the profile password. A profile password is another layer of security for a banking transaction.


You’re all done activate sbi net banking. Your SBI Net Banking is now activated and you can login with your username and password. So your bank is now just a click away. If you have any questions you can feel free to call the customer service department or you can help 24 * 7 for better support.

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